Coffee Shop Inspiration

I want part of my life to be a writer, but, oddly enough, I don’t feel like I write enough. I love the idea of being a writer. Every time I picture it I am in a super hipsterish coffee shop with my MacBook and a Cappuccino. Or, I am in my super hip loft, […]

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Introductions and Identity Issues

I am experiencing incredible amounts of difficulty coming up with a good introduction for this post. To me, there are so many facets involved in crafting an effective introduction. I’ve spent years learning the importance of having an intro that really captures people, but I have come up with three ridiculously average introductions so quickly […]

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Today is a New Day

Dallas had a beautiful sunset recently. I mean beautiful. It was one of those sunsets you gaze so deeply into you feel as if you will melt at any moment. The color spectrum started out as this sunburst yellow that traveled to this shade of deep, loving purple, with shades of orange and rose pink […]

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