Today is a New Day

Dallas had a beautiful sunset recently. I mean beautiful. It was one of those sunsets you gaze so deeply into you feel as if you will melt at any moment. The color spectrum started out as this sunburst yellow that traveled to this shade of deep, loving purple, with shades of orange and rose pink […]

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Old Friends

There’s nothing quite like old friends. One of my close friends from high school happened to be in our hometown around the same time I was going to be in town. Even though we haven’t spoken in years, safe the spontaneous moments on Facebook, I decided to reach out and see if we could reconnect. […]

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Thank God for the Summertime

A friend of mine has gotten me addicted to Ben Rector. Over the past three weeks I don’t think I have listened to anything other than him. If you ever have a moment of free time, which I would assume you do since you’re reading this, you should listen to his album The Walking In […]

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