My First Time: Guest Blogging

Today is an exciting day because it’s Friday and my first ever Guest Blog Post was published today! It was for a site called you should totally check out! If you want to read my blog on it, you can right here. I wrote about my experience running away from home aka moving to Minnesota. They contacted me because of a blog I wrote about running away from home earlier this summer that you can read here.  I’m bragging a little, but it’s because I’m real excited, but I want to also talk to you about my process of guest blogging for the first time. Here is the series of feelings I experienced from when I heard about the opportunity to today.

This is awesome! Someone cares about my writing!

       –Finally someone has noticed my genius and I am finally getting recognition for something I’ve been working on for years. It’s about time. (Yes, I’m working on my pride issues.)

What am I going to write about?

– So they want me to write about running away from home, but how can I do it in a way that no one else has ever written about running away from home?

 (One week goes by)


       – Stewart you have to write about something. Just put something down. Anything. Just start. (LINK)

 (Three more days go by)

 Who am I?

– I don’t even know who I am, how am I supposed to write about myself if I don’t know even know myself?

 Can I do this?

– I should just tell them I can’t do it. Something came up. I’m busy after all. I need to just focus on work. I spent an entire day feeling this way and watching the office and eating pizza. I didn’t leave my house except to get pizza. Honestly this happened:


I’m running out of time.

       – I’m stressed. I don’t even think I’m a writer. It’s all lies. I feel like a fraud. I wrote a blog post about feeling like a fraud because of this guest blogging experience. Check it out here.

Okay first draft done. 

  • Well at least words are on the page now finally.

(I like to write my first drafts with pen and paper because a writer I really like does it also, so I copied them and love it now.)

RAFH-1This sucks.

– Some of the worst words I’ve probably written in my life.

 I suck.

– Enter identity wrapped up in what I do and now who I am plus bouts of self-loathing.

 Second draft done.

I literally hate writing.


 Third draft done.

– Okay, I guess it’s not the worst, but why did I want to be a writer again?

Just finish it.

       – Here it is. I’m just glad it’s over.

Pray they don’t hate it. 

– I stared at my email too long to admit waiting to see what the response would be.

Brag about it.

This is my favorite part.

Remember that you have a voice that matters and is worth listening to. Keep speaking and someone will listen. 

Pray others ask you to write for them. 

– I can write words for you if you want.

Plug shamelessly. For real.

– Seriously, let me write something for you. Contact me at But also, put yourself out there because you’re worth seeing.

Austin Kleon pretty much captures all the feels through this image in his book, Steal Like An Artist. If you’re a human, you should read it. Here’s the image:



How do you feel about this?

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