Summer Love Story: A Date Idea Turned Me Into A Designer (Kind Of)

I’m a sucker for romance and gestures of love. I love the extravagance and excitement of it all. In high school, my favorite part of prom was asking my date. I don’t think it has to be this big grand thing, but it should be creative and fit the person. I love first dates. Okay that’s not true. I like coming up with ideas for first dates. Here’s a summer love story that happened to me.

Spoiler Alert: It didn’t work out, but it’s OKAY (now). To read how I felt the day after you can read that here.

There was a girl I thought was super cool and was interested in getting to know. She was a singer and real cute (of course). We had the same taste in Netflix shows AND I could talk to her for hours about things that actually mattered. It was great. I wanted to ask her out, so I did what millennials do and slid into those DMs. Eventually I got her number and over the course of the conversation realized she loved coffee and ice cream. (Now I realize every human loves those two things, but it is what we were talking about so I used what I had.)

We talked about how many different craft ice cream and coffee shops there are in Minneapolis, and we talked about trying them. All of them. So I suggested we take what I called the “Coffee N Cream Tour.”

She loved the idea. I said it was a date and so it begun – the beginning of a love story (a love story that has since ended but I wrote about how about the beginning feelings here).

So the idea of the date was there, but I felt like it needed more. I wanted to surprise her in some way. It couldn’t just be coffee and ice cream. I had the idea of creating a tour poster. If we were going to go on the Coffee N Cream Tour, it needed a poster. So I made one. I’ve never made a poster before, but here’s how it turned out:


It took forever because making tour posters are HARD, but I was proud of it. She had no idea about the poster when she got to the coffee shop, but she was giddy when she saw it. The final version of the Coffee N Cream Tour poster had coffee and ice cream shops listed on them as “stops on the tour” and the plan was to have a barista from every shop sign the poster. Cute, right?

I don’t actually want to talk about the date as much as what has happened since then. That poster kind of changed my summer. Making it unlocked something in me I never knew existed. I’m a writer, filmmaker, and photographer. It’s what I love to do. It’s what I get paid to do and it’s the best. I’ve always kind of liked design, but this poster changed my outlook on it. The poster itself isn’t the greatest I know, but I absolutely loved making it.

I’ve loved it so much I’ve kept designing. I’ve watched so many tutorials on design. I’ve kept working on it and design is my summer passion obsession. This poster has gotten me a job offer as a designer. CRAZY right? I didn’t take it, but it’s made me think a lot about passion. Sure I made the poster for a date, but it is making a designer out of me. I’m realizing again that my passions have a place in my life and ignoring them only keeps me from myself.

What are those things in your life you’ve neglected or what are those things in your life you’ve done for another reason that you should do more of? What if they could be more than a passion? What if you could make something of it? Why not try? What’s stopping you?




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