OutKick Your Creative Coverage

What’s the craziest idea you’ve ever had? What idea can you not stop thinking about? What’s that’s thing you’ve been saying to yourself or your friends, “it would be cool if” or “what if we did…?”

Whatever the answer to that question is, that is what you should be doing. I have this thought about creativity and life I try to live by: Whatever I think is really cool or whatever world I want to live in, I’m responsible for creating it. Whatever it is, I need to make it happen. I can’t wait and hope someone else will do it. If I thought of it, I’m responsible for the thought. Sure someone may have thought of it before, but they haven’t done it, so it is up to me.

Whatever thought you’re having, I believe you’re responsible to make it happen. You can’t wait or hope someone will come up with it; you have to come up with it.

I had a job where the phrase, “Don’t outkick your creative coverage” was touted around the office constantly. It basically meant, “ We know who we are. We’re headed in this direction. This is how we do things. Don’t outkick your creative coverage.” It would usually come right after someone had an idea that was “too creative.” So the connotation was something to the effect of, “don’t go too far, think too creatively, try something that’s too new.” Creative coverage was thought of as this umbrella of “safe creativity” that you could live under and never get wet because you never stepped out of the umbrella.

Here’s the thing: I believe our world needs more creativity, more experimentation, and more freedom to fail. We have to be okay with trying things and coming to terms with the reality that it might fail. It’s the only way we’re going to move forward. Because here’s another reality: it might not fail.

I follow David Rock aka DRock, videographer for Gary Vaynerchuk, on twitter and he recently tweeted his phone wallpaper, and I totally stole it and use it on my phone. Here’s the tweet:

(Do Fail Repeat)IMG_2844

I look at it all the time and am reminded that I should be outkicking my “creative coverage” everyday. If I’m not writing something that scares me a little, it’s too safe. If a video I’m working on is too predictable, it’s too boring. If I’m taking a picture and it looks like everything else that’s out there, it’s too basic.

I’m an original and so are you. I can do things you can’t do and you can do things I can’t do. Stop trying to be me, and I’ll stop trying to be you. Outkick you creative coverage because you were never meant to life your life under an umbrella. You were meant to get a little wet.


How do you feel about this?

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