Just Start Then Keep Starting

You’re about to read my attempt at helping us find space for ourselves in a world that appears to be filling up. It is part two of Room For One More. If you haven’t read that post, take 4 minutes and go read it and then come back. Okay, here we go!

As we go throughout life I feel like we’re realizing that whatever we want to do, someone is already doing it and doing it a lot better than we are. As a lifestyle blogger or whatever it is you call this, there are people that I see that are doing what I want to do a lot better than I am. There are blogs I go to and wish I could make my blog look, feel, and sound like their blog. For example, I love the MusicBed blog. (Read one of my favorites from MusicBed here.) It’s one of my favorites and a constant source of creative inspiration. I also love Storyline Blog. (Read one of my favorites from Storyline here.) It is one of those blogs that talks about the things of life in a way that I’ve thought about but never been able to voice as effectively.

When I look at those blogs, I always wonder, “How did they get to where they are? How do they get their voice to sound so unique and inspiring? How do they have such an impact in my life?” There are so many answers to that question, but, for many of us, I believe we need to start at the first answer: Just start.

I was talking to my friend Chelsea about Room For One More and she told me something that I didn’t think of initially, but I think is so important to talk about now. Chelsea said, “We box ourselves in when we decide that a field is too diluted, but if we didn’t box ourselves in we would feel like there were too many in that space… we [would] get to make our own space.”

We get so lost in what everyone else is doing and how they do it that we never do it ourselves. We see photographers and think I’ll never shoot like that. We see writers and think I’ll never write how they write. We see speakers and think I’ll never capture a room like they do. We see other people and forget the person looking at us in the mirror: The person destined for greatness. The person designed with purpose. The person developing into everything they were created to be.

The person you and I see in the mirror needs to be reminded of this sometimes. There’s space for you and the best way to see that is to start. Just start then keep starting.

I started Thank God For The Summertime 2 years ago because I wanted to work on my writing. (If you want to read my first post ever, here it is.) It wasn’t anything special and all 105 people who have read it in 2 years will probably agree, but I started. And I keep starting, and now I get paid real life adult money to write. I’m not where I want to be with my writing yet, but I know I won’t get there if I don’t keep writing. Neither will you with whatever it is you want to do.

What is it you’ve always wanted to do? What is it you’ve always dreamed of? Just start. Figure it out along the way. The only way you’ll get there is if you start somewhere.

Just Start Then Keep Starting.

I think we can all help each other when we keep each other accountable, so I want to hear from you. What’s something you’ve always wanted to start? Post your dream in the comments and let’s get there together!


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