Is Love Enough?

In light of what we’ve experienced in the past week, we’ve been left wondering. Wondering, why all of the murder? Why all of the hurt? Why all of the pain? Why all of the injustice and why isn’t it getting any better? Day one: father murdered. Day two: boyfriend murdered. Day three: cops murdered. And for what?

“Why?” I ask myself drenched in tears and agony.

Then fear sets in: The reality that I’m no different from the people who have been murdered. I look the same as the father and the boyfriend who have been murdered. I look the same as the cops. Why? Because I’m human. I see that. But others don’t, and so fear sets in me that the reality of the situation is it could’ve been me. It could be me someday. I am in fear and even though I don’t want to be, I am.

And in times of fear, like many, I turn to my faith.

I stop looking around and start looking up. I look up and fear sadly turns to doubt. I begin looked up and ask, “Why? Why is this happening? Why are we killing each other. Why is there violence? Why aren’t You doing anything? Why are we having to face this alone when You tell us You’ll be there? Why do I feel like love isn’t winning and hate is taking ground? Why are there no answers and more questions and why aren’t You answering? Why am I angry with You for making me black because I have to live in fear, knowing I didn’t ask to be black? Why don’t they love me enough to not kill me and people who look like me. I’m not even talking about them liking me, just not killing me.

Where are you God and why haven’t You done anything? 

These are just some of the questions that surface in my heart as I process this pain.

Then the question I’m afraid to ask begins to bubble to the surface, “Is Love Enough?

Is it enough to change what’s happening? Is it enough to change our world? Is love enough to overcome the hate? Is it enough to change our generation? Is it enough to change our cities, and our communities, and our countries or should we look for something else? Should we look for someone else to believe in?

I’ve preached, practiced, and professed that love is the greatest change agent in human history, but, if I look at our present, I’m questioning how true that is.

Is love enough? 

This is when Jesus stepped into the depths of my pain – at what seemed like the end of my rope, in the heart wrenching brokenness of who I am. Jesus spoke this truth into my heart, whether you believe or not have most likely heard at one point, “For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16).”

And it got me thinking: one of the cornerstone issues in everything that has happened has been life. Alton’s life was taken from him. Philando’s life was taken from him. The cops lives we’re taken from them. #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter. In a way, it’s all about life, and God reminded me that He cared about life enough to come to the world and give His up for us. He loved us enough to give us everything: Every one of us.

Did Alton’s life matter to God? Yes, enough for Him to die for Alton.

Did Philando’s life matter to God? Yes, He loved Philando enough to give Himself up for him.

Did the 5 cops lives that were taken matter to God? Absolutely, He gave His all for them.

Do black lives and all lives matter? Yes, God loved the world so much He gave His life all for us.

So, Is Love Enough? 

Is love enough to change our world? Is love enough to cast out fear and hate? Is love enough to give us a better tomorrow? Is love strong enough to place our every hope? Is love enough to place our every pain, hurt, anguish, worry, fear, anger and uncertainty?

It has to be. The God of everything gave everything with the belief that love was enough to change everything. We have to believe the same. We have to believe love is the greatest change agent in human history. Love is enough for today, and it is enough to sustain us for tomorrow. We have to love better. We have to see each other and see love. We have to believe the best. We have to.

I am convinced love can change our world. More over, I am convinced love is already changing our world. It’s active. It’s moving. It’s bringing us together in ways we’ve never seen. One day, we’re going to look around and see the world like we’ve always dreamed it to be. We’re going to look up and remember that Love gave His all for us, and it has forever changed us.

So, Is Love Enough? 

It’s enough for me.


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